The World Through My Lens, Part Two

The diva in me came out. While hiking trail at Victoria Falls, I realized that this was a get soaked activity. I was not prepared and stomped off in the other direction.

“To find a home wherever we travel, is the best home to build afterall.”- Anonymous.



Family Vacation 🙂

The Rio of my dreams!

I don’t want to assume anything, but this could be the baboon that snatched my purse!


Because once you climbed those steps, you have to hit the pose at least once.

Famous Lapa Steps.

Don’t Mess with Texas…foreign policy at Lapa Steps 😉



The Real Windy City!



Marilyn Monroe

Descending Sugarloaf Mountains, Brazil.



Beach life

Views from a wine vineyard in Capetown.

Sightseeing in Belo



Ruler of Table Mountain 😉

Just catching some rays

Rulers of Lionshead