The world through my lens

Hello my dear followers,

People My dearest La’Shaye keeps harassing me for pictures, so I decided to share  some of my recent pictures from Jaipur as a prelude to my September post. Enjoy!

We were told that here we would find a beautiful elephant sanctuary…needless to say we were hoodwinked.

If only I lived here 🙂

Amber Fort…better than the Taj! Or so I hear…

I can’t believe my butt has officially touched an historical staircase.

If one of my readers will donate the money, I will gladly relocate.





A peacock fit for the queen

Moving beyond the historical or rather stereotypical connotations of this image, THIS IS NOT AMERICA’S FAVORITE RECIPE!



My favorite flower

This area (whatever it is called) has different objects used to measure, predict, and calculate cool stuff

Jaipur…I found you too late!

Where the Queen of England takes her chai masala

Welcome to Jaipur known worldwide for its exquisite pink architecture

Please stay tuned for my upcoming blog in the next week or so. I hope all my readers take a day or two to document the world from their perspective..if you do please share, I am totally interested!


Praying for your happiness,

Tia (shout out to my parents for giving me a name that only African Americans can pronounce correctly lol)